Revolutionizing PEMF Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy

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The Atom Pendant: Revolutionizing PEMF Therapy

19/06/2023 | Sana Ashraf

Harmful EMFs

By Definition, PEMF therapy emits electromagnetic fields (EMF). In fact, all electrical appliances in our homes, such as the microwave oven, continuously emit harmful electromagnetic fields that are potentially disruptive to human cells as the power supply lines network. Although exposure to EMF is unavoidable, it can be diminished while using PEMF devices (pulsed electromagnetic field devices). 

The new and patent pending Atom Pendant offers a deeply penetrating magnetic field without creating dangerous EMF. This pendant doe not require batteries or any external power sources. It only needs to be spun. 

PEMF Therapy

The human body needs to create and utilize electricity in the nervous system. PEMF therapy uses an electromagnetic field and is able to treat our cells like batteries. As cells begin to lose energy throughout the day, the body and mind can feel worn out. The electricity in our cells can be efficiently refreshed with PEMF therapy. When activated, positive charges can enter a cell through an open ion channel (voltage-gated Na+ & K+ channels) (1). The cells interior picks up a positive charge, which causes other electrical currents to start to pulse. This may positively impact signal transmission, healing, and movement. Electrical current disruptions can cause dysfunction or disease. PEMF therapy aids in re-establishing the body's natural state of this altered electrical current, enhancing overall wellness.

PEMF FASHION: The Atom Pendant

The new and patent pending PEMF atom pendant is a great tool for PEMF therapy. It helps to invigorate the energy level in cells without an intrusive procedure. The cell's natural energy is amplified, affecting cellular, electrical balance and metabolism. It assists in reducing chronic pain by helping activate your body's natural healing processes. The Atom Pendant uses PEMF technology to generate a pulsed magnetic field using static magnets. By rotating the pendant, the magnets produce a dynamic field that can reach deep into the body's tissues and aid in cellular function, relaxation, and pain relief. The Atom Pendant is an excellent tool for daily use as it DOES NOT EMIT EMF like other PEMF products. It can also be used as a little precision massager or fidget widget.


Numerous potential advantages for general well-being are provided by the Atom Pendant, including:

1. Better Circulation: The pulsed magnetic field produced by the Atom Pendant may aid in improving circulation by facilitating increased blood flow. As a result, healing and tissue regeneration may be accelerated by the increased flow of nutrients and oxygen.

2. Pain relief: Studies have shown that PEMF therapy is useful in reducing pain and inflammation. Without resorting to drugs or intrusive procedures, the Atom Pendant can be used to target specific regions of pain or discomfort and provide relief (2).

3. Tension Reduction: The Atom Pendant can assist in relieving tension and anxiety by inducing a deep state of relaxation that fosters a feeling of peace and well-being.

4. Better Sleep: PEMF therapy has also been demonstrated to enhance the quality of sleep. It can assist in promoting relaxation and enhance sleep patterns.

5. Improved Athletic Performance: PEMF therapy can help athletes and fitness enthusiasts by promoting improved circulation and cellular function. Performance can be enhanced by wearing the Atom Pendant before, during or after a workout to help with better muscle recovery.

Other Applications

Major specifications of our Atom Necklace pendant include:

Small portable massager: The new Atom Necklace can also be used as a micro-massager. Place the circular portion of the pendant directly on the area of the body that you want to massage while holding the pendant by the chain loop and base. The pulsed magnetic field should be spun while massaging. This allows for deep penetration of the magnetic fields.

Fidget widget: People who have trouble focusing or tend to fidget with their hands may benefit from utilizing the Atom Pendant as a fidget widget. The small size and rounded, smooth shape of the pendant make it simple to handle and operate, and its relaxing and grounding qualities can aid in lowering anxiety and stress. Simply hold the Atom Pendant between your thumb and any other finger and spin it. Or fidget with it in any other way that seems relaxing and comfortable. The necklace can also be used as a stress ball by gently squeezing it in your hand to relieve stress and encourage relaxation.


The small-sized atom pendant with lightweight construction makes it easy to wear and simple to transport wherever you go, allowing you to get a soothing massage whenever you want. Targeting particular body parts, such as the neck, shoulders, back, and legs, is easy. The Atom Pendant by PEMF Fashion is amongst the most advanced PEMF devices available. This PEMF device offers low-intensity PEMF therapy without the EMF, which scientific research has shown to produce positive results when used consistently over time (3).


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