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Zeta Insole

Features and benefits:

1. Foot massage with every step

2. The user can control the depth of massage by wearing thin socks vs. thick socks

3. Emission of Far Infrared Energy

4. Numerous heat benefits without high temperature

5. Bubble springs put spring in your step and cradle the unique, one-of-a-kind contours of every foot

6. Dry feet are comfortable feet. Ventilation holes help keep your foot cool and disperse sweat.

7. Over time, with the natural heat and pressure of the body, the best acupressure insoles mold to the user’s unique foot for unparalleled fit and comfort.

8. One size fit all – easy to trim for a custom fit every time

9. Easy to clean with soap and water

10. Durable, yet comfortable

11. Thin enough to be used in most types of shoes

12. These acupressure insoles for shoes are also worn over orthotics.

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