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Pulsed Magnetic Pendant (4 Pack) is an extraordinary collection of versatile accessories that combine precision massage therapy, stress relief, and advanced magnetic technology. This remarkable pack offers an all-in-one solution to promote well-being, reduce anxiety, and support your body's natural healing processes. Each pack includes four Atom Pendants, carefully crafted with stainless steel and available in four stunning color variants: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Black.

The pack includes additional essentials to complete your magnetic therapy experience. With four Black Necklace Chords and four Silver Necklace Chains, you have the freedom to style and accessorize according to your preference. Four Long Wave Testers are also provided, allowing you to explore and optimize the benefits of pulsed magnetic therapy. Get a free gift: a pair of Zeta Insoles that provides acupressure, comfort, and support throughout your day.