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Pulsed Magnetic Pendant (Gold)

The Atom Pendant in Gold, is crafted from rafted from high-quality matierials with a radiant gold-tone plating. Its composition is not just for aesthetics; it incorporates FDA-registered micro massage therapy, offering a unique approach to wellness. The pendant features 12 alternating bipolar magnets, providing both static magnetic benefits while wearing and pulsed magnetic field benefits when spun. As you rotate the pendant, its special and patent-pending magnetic technology throws the magnetic field deep into your body, enhancing the effectiveness of magnetic therapy.

In addition to its therapeutic qualities, the Pulsed Magnetic Pendant in Gold doubles as a fidget widget tool for stress and anxiety relief. With its mesmerizing design and captivating spinning motion, it offers a soothing and calming experience, allowing you to find a moment of tranquility amidst the demands of daily life.



The Pulsed Magnetic Pendant is truly unique, offering a combination of exceptional features and functionalities. What sets it apart is its revolutionary magnetic technology, capable of traveling over a foot deep into the body. This pendant stands alone with this remarkable capability. In addition, it incorporates PEMF, providing a holistic approach to wellness. With its built-in massager function and anxiety-relieving fidget widget, the Pulsed Magnetic Pendant offers a unique experience.